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I can't believe its August already...I thought I'd use ATWT it was so good today....I loved Barbara and Emily...Iris cracked me up too..As well as Henry and Paul..I felt sorry for Chris. I can't believe only one more month for the show. So sad.

I got letters from Jeremy...and some fun mail too. Belated birthday cards from Fan clubs..One from Donna from B%B and the other from Nick from Y&R>...I like him...I need to renew my fan club memberships..I may need to wait for the money...Oh well.

Inside Edition did a sad story on the Kyron from Oragon(sp)...Theres this other kid who looks just like him that lives really close. They interviewd the family and people are coming up to him thinking its Kyron...He said it makes him scared that something could happen to him.

Its been way too hot. I'm ready for the fall......

E! showed Holly's World this weekend which I loved.I'm sad its the season ending of the show...Now the Girls Next Door is back...The Bunny House across the street-it maybe fun. Crystal is his only girl friend now.Whale Wars was good too on Sunday..BB was fun. It seems like I'm the only one who likes Rachel...I don't want her or Brendon to go. Theres others in the house who don't win stuff that should go first.
Thought I'd mix my icons..I thought I had more ATWT icons and Carly was the only one on today and she was great. Y&R was ok, Paul was great and poor Patty. I hope thats not how she's leaving the show.

I actuall got some mail....Letters from Jeremy...A really pretty picture and signed one I sent her of Kristina from GH...I've come to really like her-that made my weekend and a nice note from Sharon from Y&R so that was great.

Inside Edition talked about that poor kid from Orgon(sp) again..I didn't realize its been 2 months since that happened...They talked about a friend of the step mom and how she's not been coroprating at all in this.

Britney Spears is taking up for Mel Gibson... apparently when she had her melt down,he helped her out. I didn't know that-its kind of nice.

As for shows."""Holly's World was fun.I'm sad the season is ending already.Big Brother was great last night. Disapointed in HOH...Whale Wars was on too. Really good show.

Had a good off day today
I thought I'd go with Days since I've been enjoying that so much lately.I just wish they'd bring back Lucas....Work went well this weekend.

I've been a little disapointed in the mail situation. I got a belated birthday card from Max from GH....letters from Jeremy which always make me happy though.

I heard a report on Fox about Vitman D being so important to the diet...It helps with cancers and diabetics so they say...I've been trying to eat better. No more white bread or soft drinks...I don't really miss them anymore.I love vegatables so thats not a problem for me.I also like junk food,,I haven't given up that yet.

I'm so tired of hearing about Mel Gibson...I have a hard time feeling bad for him.

As for shows....Holly's World was good on Sunday. and I really like Big Brother this time.The Real World has been good too. I don't know if Family Business is over or not.
I decided to go with OLTL since its been so good....I just love the cast and the writing. The 4th of July was great. I love Gigi/Rex...I've liked her since she was on Days and he's been a favorite of mine for awhile.

I usually like to have mail to talk about..I did get a letter from Jeremy last week which made my week. But no other mail. Oh well.

I feel so badly for that family in Oragon(sp) about that little boy whose missing Kryon.I was at work when it first happened and have been following it since. Really sad this keeps happening.They seem to be focusing on the step mom-I don't know..I think its been 3 weeks now. It doesn't look good for the poor kid.

Inside Edition covered a story where people cause accidents to collect insurance money. Cars will pull infront of people to crash into them, not to get hurt too much just enough to cause damage.Thats crazy, its good someone is catching on.

As for tv...good shows...Big Brother is back and I'm going to watch it. I saw the first show on-line.Holly's World is still good. And I like this season The Real World.Its in New Orleans...These people seem fun.

Have a good weekend.!
I thought I'd come post...Not much to talk about....Had good off time...I got some awesome icons from my friend Dreamer98,,,,thank you thank you...Had to go with Abbey and Daniel since they were on the other day..so much fun...

I got a letter from Jeremy and a picture postcard from Jason from GH that made my day..I've written to several people from Star collector,but haven't heard from them back yet.

I heard on the radio they are doing a recall on baby beds...I missed the reason.I'll have to listen more tomorrow.

Shows:I missed most of Hollys World last week. Hope to catch it sometime, its a fun show...E! did a nice special on KendraNow they need to give Bridget a show....A family business is pretty good on VH1...I'm watching more E! than VH! right now. I also like Whale Wars on Animal Planet also..I admire those people.
I didn't realize I haven't been here that long. I still read your journals though. I've been getting to work more this week which has been great I'm now three days behind on my shows, but I'll get caught up..

Went to the Doctor today. Got a shot a Z pack and other pill. I was tired of coughing and it wouldn't go away.Plus my nose was really stuffed up. We'll see how long this ones lasts.

Inside Edition was good today. They talked about the Juan(sp) jerk and his first days in the Peur prison. It said he's made friends with some hit man he plays cards with. There was an inmate put to death by fiering(sp) squad in Utah. I think he may have tried to change his mind in the end though.

As for mail pretty good. It was my Birthday on the 3rd and I got awesome cards from soap people fan clubs really nice. And a card from jeremy which made my week....

As for shows...Hollys world is on E!!!!Anyone a fan of The Girls Next Door should watch. Its really fun.Its Me or The Dog was cute too.I saw the end of the Challenge and it was great. I'm happy Landon won, he seems like such a nice guy.
Had to go with two of my favorites from GH!!!!I just love Tyler Christopher...I feel for him right now though. I liked the argument between him and Lucky about family/Liz....

We had rain here this weekend. It stormed really bad on Sunday, I thought we lose power and the it just stopped.Work went well.I've had cramps all week!

Mail was slow last week.I heard from Jeremy which was awesome. I finally got a post/card picture from Jessica on OLTL..I just love her.

I saw a spot on Fox about sunscreen and tanning beds. They said that not half of the suncreen works over the thousands out there and tanning beds can be very dangerous...I don't worry about that. I stay pretty pale, its boring to me to lay out in the sun.

Inside Edition was good on Friday...They talked about that sick-oh John Marc Kar(sp).He had a sex change and is trying to start a cult of little girls who look like Jon Boney Ramsey...Thats just sick to me. They can't seem to find him anywhere to find out if this is true or not.

As for shows....Kendra was fun Sunday. It was great seeing Holly....That was the only good thing on. I missed Its Me or the Dog on Animal Planet.OH I did watch Whale Wars,,,thats a good one too.
I had to use two icons from OLTL this week. The music and the dancing has been so much fun to watch. Its nice when actors get to use talents like that. Also my Lizzy icon from GL in honor of Marcy going to Y&R>>..I'm going to love this!!!

Well poor Bret Michaels is back in the hospital...As if he hasn't had a hard enough time. I've heard two different things. A warning stroke...Don't know what that is. And a whole in his heart. From what articles have said...he can still communicate and is tired of being sick. I don't blame him. Will pray.

I heard on Inside Edition...I forgot where this happened. That a registered sex offender got a job at the Census Berue(sp)..A lady opened her door to him and remembered seeing him on a site. She said he didn't really look at her and his behavior was odd. She remembered his name as being odd and checked it again. Sure enough it was him, she called the cops to let him know. They had done background check and it confirmed what she said...Really scarey.

As for mail:I got an autograph picture of Kim Kardiaisian(sp)...It really pretty and nice of her. I've seen her web-site which is fun and you normally have to pay for pictures of her.

Not too many new shows out there. I kind of like Brany/Ray J show on VH1...Ghost Adventures is still in re-runs....Holly is finally coming back in June. I can't wait for that!
I thought I'd use my Days icons since I haven't used those in awhile. The writing has improved as the stories have.The characters I really don't care about are Ari and Brady...I'd probably like Brady more if he was with Nichole.

I've gotten letter from Jeremy which always makes me happy. 2 pretty pictures from Donna from B&B and a nice note from Sharon Case from Y&R and a nice letter from my LJ and Facebook friend Nathan. I'm going to write back. I've been a little slow this week.

Not too much going on which is why I've been reading more and not posting as much.
I've exercised 2 times this week and feel better. I need to do it every day.

Inside Edition has been pretty good. There was a sad story about Kate Jackson...They were saying she's almost broke and blames her financial advisor...She's done other good LifeTime shows...I can't believe she'd be in that position. I hope things work out for her.

Also about that story in Virgina about that poor Lacrose(sp) player who died because of her boyfriend. He seemed like a priviliged jerk.I don't feel sorry for him at all.I think she was trying to leave him when it happened.

As for shows...Kendra was fun this weekend. I saw The Challenge last night.Not much was on tv this weekend.Kate Plus 8 is coming back....There was an article about him being at home for the 6 kids birthday.....I wish that would have been shown But I guess they need some down time.Oh, I liked Jessica Simpsons show on VH1.
GH has been pretty good. I'm enjoying Sonny's trial. The judge cracks me up. He's very much in control of his court room and doesn't take crap from anyone.I'm worried about the outcome though I don't want Sonny going to Prison. I'd like to see more of Tyler Christopher though. They don't seem to be doing alot with him right now.

As for mail. Not bad...Letter from Jeremy...And much thanks to my LJ friend Dreamer98 for the awesome ATWT pictures those really made my week. I got a way early birthday card from Diane from GH and fan club stuff from Ted King over the last week. Not too bad.

Sunday night on Tv is usually one of my favorites for random tv shows. But this Sunday I missed them because Ghost Adventures was on all day and until I left work...It was awesome. Of coarse I'd seen all the shows except for 1 but still that was the best. I can't wait for the new seaso.

I've been so worried about Bret Micaels....I know its kind of lame, but I can't help it.I've been a fan of his for along time and most recently because of his reality shows. I really hope he pulls though this. From what I've seen he seems to be a geniune(sp) person inspite of his fame and very talented.

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