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I thought I'd go with OLTL....its been great. "Rex" one of my favorite characters of all time, hasn't had a great story-line to deal with and he's still been awesome. I love "Jessica" she's one of my favorites too!!!

I'm still here, just not alot going on and I've been down...Theres days that are fine and I just can't seem to shake it....

I"ve actually gotten some mail....I've been sending my soap people some pictures and articles from magazines.Some of them like it. Well two so far have sent them back to me signed which is great...Sharon Case from Y&R did and so did Days, "Nichole"....I've also gotten pictures from Donna from B&B...I just love her..and letters from my Jeremy.

Its great about William and Kate...I really like following the Royalty stuff like that. I need to get that magazine. I use to buy it.TLC did a nice special on the two of them...William gave her his mom's ring which I thought was so nice.

On a sader note...A story out of Ohio..This mother and 2 of kids and a friend went missing. Well a few days later the girl was found in a house gagged...Then at some point they found the bodies of the other 3 in a hollow tree dead...This thug kidnapped her and so far thats all he's been charged with.They showd a picture of him.What a gem!

As for shows:I'm enjoying Cutthroat(sp) MTV new challenge:Kendra and 19 Kids and Counting has been cute.I also really like this show on Animal Planet Pitbulls and Paroles(sp)...I don't care for Pitbulls, but this lady has a rescue center and she hiers paroles because her husband is in prison...I really like it
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Thought I'd go with AMC....Its been pretty good. Though I'm tired of the Caleb/Asher story line....JR has been awesome though. I've been a fan of his since he was on GH..I'd love to meet him!!!!

Anyway.....I saw on Inside Edition last week about David Cassidy getting a DUI....They pulled him over in Fl...and he got out on $350.00 he was in FL at the time. I think he was my first crush on a Celebrity...He's not done a reality show that I know of, I kind of wish he would. I think he still does shows in Vegas,,,that would be awesome to see him. I"m sure he'll be ok.

On HLN last night the main topic were:Lindsay Lohen, Charlie Sheen, and Miley Cryus,,,none of which I care about. I can see why Miley would want to "grow up",but she doesn't have to become a slut in the process...Plus she's now even 18 yet. Oh well.

I've been getting to work more hours which has been great.I've just missed coming here!I got People Magazine because of Wynonna and there was only a 2 page story oh well. The rest was good because it talked about Prince William and his girlfriend Kate

As for shows:Kendra is back,,,I really want her book. Oh, I saw where Shannon Dhoerty has a book out now too. I really like her, she's a great actress I think...I'm also liking Bret Michaels show,,,its cute. I didn't think Christy had much a personality, but its coming out more now. I didn't know she's been with him off and on for 16 years, thats a long time.
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I thought I'd go with Days, since its been really fun lately...I'm loveing Nichole and Carly at the moment...I just wish Roman and Kate were on more....

I actually have gotten some mail...A picture postcard from Jason from GH and "Nichole" from Days sent me back sigend magazine articles I'd sent her. That was a total surprise. Also letters from Jeremy....

I haven't had alot going on, or I'd be here more. Still enjoying reading everyones journals though.

I watched a cool show on the History Channel about Planets. It was really good. It started with Pluto and worked its way back. They were talking about how Pluto almost didn't get discovered because its so far away...Then went on to Mars being the "red" planet and if we could go there one day. It was really interesting.

I thought it so sad that swimmer dying in Dubi(sp) because of the water being too warm. They should have stopped the race when others had complaints too.

As for shows:Ghost Adventures has been great...They went to the Stanley Hotel in Col.....That was a good one. The Challenge has been good on MTV.19 Kids and Counting has also been fun.I know its sad to say, but I'll miss Jersey Shore!

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Thought I'd go with these two,,,,I just love them on GH....Its been really great lately...I just miss my Alexis, Kristina and Johnny!!!

I actually got some mail...A letter from my friend here, Nathan...My fan club newsletter from Brooke B*B and a picture of Donna from B&B, then a picture postcard from Jason from GH!!!Not too all seems to come at one time.

Inside Edition has been fun latley---It was talking about how many weddings were on 10/10/10...I didn't even think of anything like that really mattering..I guess it did.

Also how theres been a baby boom in New Orleans since the Saints won the Superbowl, thats pretty cute!

As for shows,,,Kendra is coming back in November,I'm excited about that one!!!Jersey Shore is almost over, I'll miss that. The Challenge has been pretty good so far.Now Bret Michaels has a show coming out soon about his family...
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I thought I'd go with Y&R,,,I've come to love these two lately...Anyway my tv has been messing up and I'm not happy about that at all. I'm getting a new DVR box tomorrow and all will be well.

I got a nice package of stuff I ordered from a friend on-line-some letters I had wanted. Then letters from Jeremy which always makes my week.

On HLN they talked about JonBonet Ramsey again....Now the cops want to talk to Berk(sp) her brother to see if he remembers anything.The kid is now 23 and a college graduate..I wonder what will come of it. I still think the mother had something to do with the crime. I read Steve Thompsons book about that-the one Dective who quit over the case.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone,,but I thought it was a positive story. This one Christain radio station I like to listen to told this story about a missionary in Africa. This Doctor who had to go to town to town and spend time alone traveling over there.He was also in contact with a main church over here. He was in this town getting medicine and supplies and came across men fighting. He helped this one guy out. Well he went back to his travels...He had to spend the night alone in the jungle which he'd done before...The pastor at the church was getting ready one morning and felt an urge to pray for him so he called some of the members of the church together...The guy was back in the town and the one guy saw him-he approached him and said we saw you in the jungle and we were going to kill you and rob you, but you had guards protecting you. The guy was like, no I was alone.The man said,we saw 26 men guarding you...The missionary called his friend the pastor and told him the story. The past said that particualr day-he had 26 men praying for him and his saftey...I thought that was pretty cool.

As for shows::::
E! shows a nice special on Kendra,I've been wondering when a new season of her show will be back on..Jersey shore was on all weekend during the day and that was fun.I also watched some Lockdown on MSMBC.....
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Thought I'd go with OLTL...I haven't used Blair icons nearly enough..Yesterday was a great show....really great.

Mail has been really slow..I need to write more from Star collector again.I did get a nice picture/postcard from Donna from B&B with a picture of her baby which was great and letters from Jeremy of coarse.

There was a school shooting in Texas this morning...the guy killed himself.Then they locked down the school-I hadn't heard anymore on that. Really scarey-they didn't know if he was alone or acted with anyone.

Inside Edition talked about that family from Conn and those monsters again. It showed text messages they sent each other before the crime. The one thug was about to put his own kid to bed. I'm sorry but I hope they get the death penalty-cases like this are what its for.

As for shows:Real/Chance have another show on VH1-Legend Hunters-its funny....They just crack me up....Jersey Shore is still fun for me.I'm looking forward to the next Challenge coming on next week.

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I had to use ATWT people one more time. I enjoyed the last show on Friday. Now only 2 soaps left on CBS...Carylon Henessy(sp) who writes for Soap Digest is on FB and she suggested people watch OLTL and not support the other shows that are replacing soaps... think thats a good idea...

As for mail...slow.I got an e-mail from Cady McClain who I love about her new web-site..I'll have to check it out.I got ozzy Osbournes new CD..its really good. I've been a fan of his for a long time.

Theres this show on Animal Planet I love about cats/dogs...I saw Cats 101 and it was so cute. A lot of good information about different kind of cats. This one man who had a good job-his cat died. He opened a cat sancturary(sp) in honor and now rescues up to 100 cats at a time...I'd like to do something like that for animals.

Inside Edition: talked about this murder of a family...Really sad in Conn these 2 thugs held a family hostage. They made the mother go to the bank for $15,000. She did all they asked. After they brought her back, they raped and killed her and her two girls. Only the father survived then they set the house on fire..Really horrible. At least they caught the 2 who did that. one looked like a druggie.

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I didn't realize its been that long since my last update. I'm still here, I've been more reading people journals....I've been a little down I can't seem to shake it. I really wish I could move and be close to Jeremy. Thats really what I want. It will happen one day.

I decided to go with ATWT...I'm going to miss this show. I wish I'd kept my Jack/Carly icon now....I'm glad they're getting together. It was great seeing RoseAnna....

I've been getting notes from Donna from B&B which is great. A letter from my friend here Nathan---and letters from Jeremy. Pictures have been a little slow oh well.

I can't believe that government in Iran has kept those 3 hikers like that. I can see them wanting to question why they were there, but they really looked like threats don't they???Why doesn't Jimmy Carter go over there and get them out???At least that one girl they did release her...She probably feels terrible having to leave behind her friends like that.

I haven't heard anything about that litte boy in Orgeon(sp) missing....Kyron..really sad.

TV:Jersey shore has been fun.I can't help myself when it comes to that.I'm going to miss BB too. I hope Hayden wins.Whale Wars was good this time.Ghost Adventures comes back on Friday...I'm so excited about that. Kate Plus 8 has been cute too.
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I thought I'd go with my AMC icons I've been really enjoying that show lately. I feel so bad for Angie/Jessie....David was actually nice to her for a minute then a jerk as usual.I've been missing Amanda though..

I really wanted to use my journal alot for the mail I get...Its been a little slow so I still have other stuff to talk about. But I actually got an autograph picture...I think its from Cheryl Ladd....I wrote her about the sametime I wrote to Lenerenzo(sp) Lamas...What a nice surprise. I also got 2 notes from Donna from B&B...Its so nice she write back like that. I send SASE everytime though....

I saw on there is a recall on meat:this time from Walmart...Its Roas Beef and Ham...It has Listeria Bacteria-I don't even know what that is....Its crazy all these recalls on food. The egg thing doesn't seem to get any better.

Then from Inside Edition...That comment Jennifer Aniston said about being Retarded. I know it seemed like she wasn't being flip or offensive, but still.When thats what I do for a living that is offensive to people....

As for Shows....BB is still full of surprises....I really like this season. I watched the After Dark last night and it was good.Thats been it so far this week. I hope to see 19 Kids and Counting tonight. I've missed the new season so far.

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I thought I'd go with Days since I've really been enjoying that latelyI feel so bad for Hope and hope she can get out of this situation.

I got a nice surprise from Donna from B&B a nice note from her and a letter from Jeremy..Mail has been slow.

There been a recall on eggs from Iowa...samionlla(sp) has been found and at first it was just a few states...Mississippi, colorado and a few others now it seems like more.I hope not Alabama...I like eggs..Oh well

Michael Douglas has a tumor in his throat...I've heard of Brain tumors before but not throat. They said it could be from his years of smoking and drinking. I like some of his movies.Its said he's supose to make a full recovery.

Not too much going on.

As for shows:I can't help but like Jersey Shore-they crack me up...I like the guys they just seem to have so much fun together.The girls are ok too. I'm loving BB too. It should be interesting to see who gets voted off tomorrow.I missed 19 Kids and Counting last night. I like that show alot too.