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Thought I'd go with AMC....Its been pretty good. Though I'm tired of the Caleb/Asher story line....JR has been awesome though. I've been a fan of his since he was on GH..I'd love to meet him!!!!

Anyway.....I saw on Inside Edition last week about David Cassidy getting a DUI....They pulled him over in Fl...and he got out on $350.00 he was in FL at the time. I think he was my first crush on a Celebrity...He's not done a reality show that I know of, I kind of wish he would. I think he still does shows in Vegas,,,that would be awesome to see him. I"m sure he'll be ok.

On HLN last night the main topic were:Lindsay Lohen, Charlie Sheen, and Miley Cryus,,,none of which I care about. I can see why Miley would want to "grow up",but she doesn't have to become a slut in the process...Plus she's now even 18 yet. Oh well.

I've been getting to work more hours which has been great.I've just missed coming here!I got People Magazine because of Wynonna and there was only a 2 page story oh well. The rest was good because it talked about Prince William and his girlfriend Kate

As for shows:Kendra is back,,,I really want her book. Oh, I saw where Shannon Dhoerty has a book out now too. I really like her, she's a great actress I think...I'm also liking Bret Michaels show,,,its cute. I didn't think Christy had much a personality, but its coming out more now. I didn't know she's been with him off and on for 16 years, thats a long time.


Nov. 10th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)

I completely hate Lindsay L, & Miley Cyrus & all those disney stars they are really not being good role models to children. It's really sad what Disney has turned out to be nowadays. I hope that you've been well, happy, & enjoying your soaps. I really used to like Shannon D. in 90210 she hasn't really had any starring roles since then.
Nov. 11th, 2010 01:49 am (UTC)
Thanks for commenting hon.I've been down, but ok, hope you are too. Ya, work has been really nice.

Shannon was in the show Charmed for 3 years,I've seen some of that. she's also done some really good life-time movies

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