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I thought I'd go with OLTL....its been great. "Rex" one of my favorite characters of all time, hasn't had a great story-line to deal with and he's still been awesome. I love "Jessica" she's one of my favorites too!!!

I'm still here, just not alot going on and I've been down...Theres days that are fine and I just can't seem to shake it....

I"ve actually gotten some mail....I've been sending my soap people some pictures and articles from magazines.Some of them like it. Well two so far have sent them back to me signed which is great...Sharon Case from Y&R did and so did Days, "Nichole"....I've also gotten pictures from Donna from B&B...I just love her..and letters from my Jeremy.

Its great about William and Kate...I really like following the Royalty stuff like that. I need to get that magazine. I use to buy it.TLC did a nice special on the two of them...William gave her his mom's ring which I thought was so nice.

On a sader note...A story out of Ohio..This mother and 2 of kids and a friend went missing. Well a few days later the girl was found in a house gagged...Then at some point they found the bodies of the other 3 in a hollow tree dead...This thug kidnapped her and so far thats all he's been charged with.They showd a picture of him.What a gem!

As for shows:I'm enjoying Cutthroat(sp) MTV new challenge:Kendra and 19 Kids and Counting has been cute.I also really like this show on Animal Planet Pitbulls and Paroles(sp)...I don't care for Pitbulls, but this lady has a rescue center and she hiers paroles because her husband is in prison...I really like it


Nov. 22nd, 2010 10:23 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean,,it was on Sat. for awhile. I hope you saw it. The guy seems like a true thug...He'd done sometime for arson somewhere and robbery..Its a shame they can't put people away when they do the samething over and over and then graduate to more serious crimes

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